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DOI Cham: Springer,P. ISBN Expected downside risk and asset prices: characteristics of emerging and developed European markets. ISSN IF : 0, SNIP : 0, Testing postmodern portfolio theory based on global and local single factor market model: Borsa Istanbul case.

a bitcoin jó befektetés phd

In Borsa Istanbul Review. ISSN, vol. The case of "less is more": Modelling risk-preference with expected downside risk. Journal of Theoretical Economics. Hivatkozások: [1] LIU, N.

Optimizing portfolio selection problems under credibilistic CVaR criterion.


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Association between affective temperaments and season of birth in a general student population. Affective temperament and seasonality in bipolar disorder.

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In Psychiatria Danubina. In Medical Science Monitor. Season of birth and media use.

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In Communications. Affective temperaments in subjects with female-to-male gender dysphoria. In Journal of Affective Disorders. In Frontiers in Public Health.

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Brain derived neurotrophic factor gene BDNF and personality traits: The modifying effect of season a bitcoin jó befektetés phd birth and sex.

In Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Seasonal Distribution of Psychiatric Births in England. Latitude effect on bipolar temperaments.

a bitcoin jó befektetés phd

Development of stock market pricing in Central and Eastern Europe through two decades after the transition. In Politicka Ekonomie. In Globalization and its socio-economic consequences. In Montenegrin Journal of Economics.

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Economics and Finance in Emerging Markets. ISSN X. Generalized asset pricing: Expected Downside Risk-based equilibrium modeling. Bp. Multi-attribute decision making applied to financial portfolio optimization problem. In Expert Systems with Applications. ISSN Preference-based evolutionary multi-objective optimization for portfolio selection: a new credibilistic model under investor preferences.

In Journal of Global Optimization. In Information. Global predictive power of the upside and downside variances of the US equity market.

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In Economic Modelling. Measuring Uncertainty in the Portfolio Selection Problem. In Studies in Systems, Decision and Control. Impact of the downside risk of retailer on the supply chain coordination. The impact of fund attributes on performance: Empirical evidence for Polish equity funds.

Evidence from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Market microstructure during financial crisis: Dynamics of informed and heuristic-driven trading. Econophysical bourse volatility-Global Evidence. Study of the impact of the Great Recession on the relation between earnings surprises and stock returns. In Economics Bulletin. Informed trading in the Bitcoin market.

In Finance Research Letters. The distant echo of Brexit: Did exporters suffer the most? Mutual funds and stock market volatility: An empirical analysis of Asian emerging markets.

a bitcoin jó befektetés phd

In Emerging Markets Review. Natural Gas Prices on Three Continents. Does the shale gas boom change the natural gas price-production relationship? Evidence from the US market.

a bitcoin jó befektetés phd

In Energy Economics. Forecasting LNG prices with the kernel vector autoregressive model. In Geosystem Engineering. In International Energy. ISSN X,vol.

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Modeling study for low-carbon industrial processes integrating solar thermal technologies. In Solar Energy.

a bitcoin jó befektetés phd

The long-run oil-natural gas price relationship and the shale gas revolution. The behaviour mechanism analysis of regional natural gas prices: A multi-scale perspective. In Energy. Buy or Sell? Hungarian carbon credit trade: years of a bitcoin jó befektetés phd. In Public Finance Quarterly-Hungary. Cost of capital estimation for energy efficiency projects through a cash flow beta approach.

In Energy Efficiency.

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Non-parametric and semi-parametric asset pricing. Nonparametric regression with warped wavelets and strong mixing processes. In Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics.

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